Breast Lifts

The Plastic Surgery Institute of California offers breast lifts, including standard breast lifts, donut breast lifts and vertical breast lifts. The type of implant used will also vary based on the specific needs and goals of each patient.  You can view various types of breast implants used here.

As with any cosmetic surgery, each breast lift procedure is tailored to the needs of the patient. The degree of lifting required to restore breasts to their most aesthetically attractive position can vary quite a bit from patient to patient.  Many factors come into play, including existing tissue, skin elasticity and the amount of breast tissue remaining. Also, the size and position of the areolas can be a significant factor.  For patients minimal sagging, a small removal in skin will provide the desired results. In other cases, more significant tailoring of the breast skin and underlying breast tissue is necessary to produce the desired results.

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Standard Breast Lifts

Donut Breast Lifts

Vertical Breast Lifts